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Welcome to the AGILE Wiki!Edit

NOTE: many things have evolved and the AGILE Minecraft Multiversity server is now up and running with active Immortal Kombat worlding tournaments. Updates regarding lore of the worlds will eventually make it to this wikia but for now see the Planet Minecraft pages hyperlinked above and follow Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter.

Welcome to the Wiki. We’re a collaborative community website about the Academy for Gameful & Immersive Learning Experiences that anyone, including you, can edit. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started!

The basicsEdit

This wiki was founded to open up creative contributions in an encyclopedic format for AGILE's various facets. The most common content to begin with will be centered around the Academy's Minecraft Java server, which functions as the prime multiversity campus. All major characters, events, guilds, and storyline pathways that occur in the Minecraft realm will appear here. As our Minecraft worlding project branches out into other gameworlds and real world theatrical happenings, those storylines also may present themselves here. We are excited to have you here, please make (y)ourself known!

How to contribute to & navigate this Wiki:

The organization of this Wiki begins with the Library of the Undercommons page. In order to add anything to the Library of the Undercommons page, actual archives, books, events, and indices related to the library within the Castle of the Undercommons in the Minecraft server must be a point of reference. The purpose of this Wiki is to document the (hi)stories of our multiversity campus there, so any entries or modifications made must reflect actual occurrences and phenomena from within that realm. Through the articulation and iteration of the Library of the Undercommons page, other pages will naturally spring forth.

Latest activityEdit

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